Village-Wide Tree Inventory Under Way, Funded by Morton Arboretum Grant

This week, Great Lakes Urban Forestry will begin the Village's Tree Inventory, Planting Space Inventory, and Urban Forestry Plan. Arborists from Great Lakes Urban Forestry will be in the field wearing high-visibility safety vests with the company name and "tree survey" printed on the back. The program is being funded by a grant provided by the Morton Arboretum. Below, you will find the Scope of work for these projects:

Tree Inventory Deliverables

Individual Tree Data Fields

  • GPS Coordinates
  • Street Address and Relative Location
  • Land use (i.e., residential, business zone, natural area, park, etc.)
  • Growing space (i.e., parkway, park, etc.)
  • Species identification
  • Diameter at Breast Height (DBH)
  • Single or multi-stem designation
  • Condition rating & risk assessment (such as TRAQ, Davey 10 point, etc.)
    1. Defects (roots, wounds, rot, deadwood, etc.)
    1. Maintenance Recommendation
    1. Plant-able spaces (optional)
    1. General comments or notes

Post-inventory management plan data summary report of findings

  • Narrative describing survey and methodology.
  • Species Distribution
    1. Species
    2. Species by zone
    3. Species by condition assessment
    4. Species by condition assessment by zone

  • Condition assessment
  • Condition assessment by management needs
  • Potential planting locations

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Public Works at 708-485-2540.