Property Improvement Program (PIP)

The Property Improvement Program (PIP) is a reimbursement grant that helps property owners fund attractive and highly visible enhancements to their properties. To be eligible for a PIP grant, a building must be located within one of the Village’s TIF Districts. The grant reimburses up to 50% of the total project’s construction cost, not to exceed $20,000. PIP is intended to help fund projects that wouldn’t otherwise be possible without this funding. Contact Economic Development for more information or to set up your pre-application meeting. 

Application and MaterialsPIP Program and Brookfield Bank Loan
PIP Process

Interested businesses or property owner applicants should schedule a pre-application meeting with staff prior to preparing any materials for submittal. The applicant may complete and submit a grant application form, available on the Village’s website or at Village Hall. Submittal requirements are outlined on the application form, including the requirement for two bids to be submitted for each item in the scope of work.

The process will take 1-2 months from beginning to end.

Approved ProjectsFunding is awarded annually on a first-come, first-served basis. These businesses have taken advantage of the PIP program and updated their property!

Brennan Massage & Spa3700 Grand Boulevard, Located in the Downtown TIF DistrictBefore                                                                   After
3700-Grand-Before-PIP-300x184    3700-Grand-Sign-Variance-300x199

The Shop Salon & Style House

3735 Grand Boulevard, located in the Downtown TIF District

Before                                                                    After
3735-Grand-Before-PIP-300x289   3735-Grand-After-PIP

Betty’s Flowers & Gifts9138 Broadway Avenue, located in the 8 Corners TIF District

Before                                                             After
Before-Photo-2-1     Bettys-After-photo-2

9037-9049 Monroe Avenue

Located in the 8 Corners TIF District
Before                                                       After
Harvin-Bldg-on-Monroe-after     Harvin-Bldg-on-Monroe-before