Vehicle Stickers

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By Village ordinance, all vehicles are required to display a Brookfield vehicle sticker on their front windshield. This applies to all vehicles registered or housed in Brookfield, regardless of whether they are parked on the street or in the garage. Stickers are valid July 1 – June 30.

General Vehicle StickersThe type of sticker required is based on how your vehicle is classified by the Secretary of State.

Classification Description Regular Price Late Price
Passenger Any vehicle with passenger license plates $50.00 $70.00
Motorcycle Any motorcycle or motorbike $25.00 $33.75
Truck 1 Any truck or similar vehicle (van, bus, etc.) that weighs less than 8,000 pounds and is typically assigned B license plates $80.00 $120.00
Truck 2 Any truck or similar vehicle (van, bus, etc.) that weighs more than 8,000 pounds and is typically assigned D license plates $125.00 $187.50
Senior Can be applied to a passenger car or truck if the owner is 65 or older at the time of purchase. Only one per household. $8.00 $12.00

Don’t wait for your permanent license plates or your new registration with an updated address! In order to receive your sticker for the regular price, it must be purchased within 30 days of moving to Brookfield or within 10 days of purchasing a new vehicle. Renewals must be purchased by June 30 every year.

Additional Sticker TypesParking Permits
Certain areas of Brookfield require special parking permits (B or H) in order to park on the street during certain hours. These permits are issued at no additional cost when you purchase your regular vehicle sticker and are based on the address of your residence. B and H parking permits cannot be purchased by anyone who does not reside in a permitted area.

Transfer Stickers
If you replace your vehicle after purchasing a sticker, you can transfer your vehicle sticker for a fee of $10. Remove the sticker from the old vehicle’s windshield and bring it to the Village Hall with your new vehicle registration.

Caregiver Permit
If someone at your residence requires a caregiver who needs to park on the street, Caregiver Permits are available for $10. Permits are issued to the resident under their name and address, but vehicle information for the caregiver must be provided. In order to purchase a permit, all vehicles at the residence must have their required vehicle sticker.  Caregiver Permits can be purchased at the Police Department.