Quarry Blasting

From time to time, residents may feel or hear mining activities from the nearby quarry located in McCook. The Village has a working relationship with quarry representatives and engages in regular communication with quarry operators. Please click here, to get more information from the quarry operators.  Additionally, here are some details about their activities below;

  • There are two rock quarries that actively use blasting techniques to loosen the gravel which is then transported offsite: Vulcan Materials, which is the furthest south quarry and therefore unlikely to impact Brookfield, and Hanson Materials, this quarry is located just south of 47th Street.
  • Neither quarry is in Brookfield.
  • Even if the quarry was in Brookfield, the State of Illinois controls the licensing of them, and dictates the standards by which they operate.  For example, the State establishes maximum decibel levels which all blasting must comply with, and maximum vibration levels for the blasting.
  • Both quarries have installed meters which monitor both the sound and vibrations caused by their operations.  The communities of Brookfield, LaGrange and Countryside receive quarterly reports that document the operation levels of each quarry.
  • The Village of Brookfield has no ability to regulate how the quarry operates.
  • Hanson’s operations moved closer to 47th Street, as they exhausted their material in the southern part of the quarry.  While all their blasting is conducted underground, and generally at 2 p.m. to decrease as much distraction to residents as possible, since this blasting occurs near 47th Street, Brookfield homes nearest the area will undoubtedly hear/feel the blasts.
  • Residents should call: the Lyons Township Quarry Council hotline at 1-866-934-3278 (1-866-WE-HEAR-U) and listen to the recorded message.  Most of the impacts Brookfield residents experience, are probably resulting from Hanson’s operations, so you should hit the “1” button once the recording starts and record your complaint and address.  These complaint logs are carefully reviewed by members of the Quarry Council. 
  • The Village Managers of Brookfield, LaGrange and Countryside sit on the Quarry Council and we review the complaint logs that each company has received during the previous quarter.  At these quarterly meetings, each company must address the complaints and explain if anything can be done to eliminate/reduce complaints
Impacted ResidentsResidents impacted by blasting are encouraged to report concerns involving mining operations, such as noise, dust, blasting complaints and gravel truck traffic to the Lyons Township Quarry Council hotline at  (866) WE-HEAR-U (866-934-3278).

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the the Village Manager’s Office at (708)485-1444