Welcome to the Village of Brookfield Finance Department! The Finance Department is responsible for such day-to-day operations as water billing and vehicle stickers, as well as the overall management of the Village’s finances.

Here you will find more detailed information on how the Finance Department serves the Brookfield community.

Residential Services & Information

Utility Billing

The Village of Brookfield issues bi-monthly utility bills to its residents. Bills include charges for water, sewer, and garbage services provided by Groot Industries. 

To see more information about these services, the policies behind them, electronic bills/automatic bill payment, account changes, or closing a utility account, click here

Vehicle Stickers

By Village ordinance, all vehicles are required to display a Brookfield vehicle sticker on their front windshield. This applies to all vehicles registered or housed in Brookfield, regardless of whether they are parked on the street or in the garage. Stickers are valid July 1 – June 30.

To see more about general vehicle stickers or additional sticker types, click here

Commuter Parking

Brookfield’s three stops on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Metra line have made it a very commuter-friendly community. The Village of Brookfield offers several parking options for anyone interested in riding the train.

To see more information about daily parking in either the Main Lot or Congress Park Lot, or parking permits, click here

Local Tax Information

To see the breakdown of where your property tax dollars go as of 2018, click the following link to get a quick breakdown and diagram

Your Property Tax Bill

Places for Eating Tax

The Village of Brookfield levies a Places for Eating Tax.  This 1% tax applies to the gross sales of prepared food and beverages when sold at an establishment that provides seating allowing for those items to be consumed on the premises.  The owner of any such business is required to register with the Village and submit tax returns following the same schedule as their State of Illinois Sales Tax returns.

Please download the Summary page for more details on the tax

Annual Budget

The annual appropriations ordinance serves as the foundation for the Village’s financial planning and control. Each year all departments of the Village are required to submit requests for appropriation to the Village Manager and these requests serve as the basis for development of a proposed appropriation ordinance. The Village Manager then presents this proposal to the Village President and Board of Trustees.

The Village Board is required to hold at least one public hearing on the proposed appropriation and adopt a final appropriations ordinance no later than the end of the first quarter of the fiscal year. The appropriation is prepared by fund, department, and object.

The Corporate Authorities, by a two-thirds vote, may make transfers from one object to another so long as no appropriation falls below an amount sufficient to cover all obligations incurred against the appropriation.

To see the current year’s budget adopted by the Village Board, click here!

Financial Reporting

As mandated by Village Ordinance and State Statutes, the Village is required to annually issue a report on its financial position and activity presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) of the United States of America and audited by an independent certified public accountant in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards.

For more information about the comprehensive annual financial reports and TIF districts, click here!

Awards & Recognition

Financial Reporting

Every year, the Government Finance Officers Association recognizes state and local government entities that go above and beyond the minimum requirements of generally accepted accounting principles in their comprehensive annual financial reports. This encourages the preparation of financial statements that exhibit transparency and full disclosure, providing all who examine these documents with the necessary information to assess the financial health of their government.

In 2014, the Village of Brookfield was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2013. This is the 9th consecutive year that Brookfield has received this honor and the Finance Department continually strives to maintain these high standards.


Finance Director – Doug Cooper

  • Phone: (708)-485-1166
  • Email:

Accounting Manager – Jessica Rovner

  • Phone: (708)-485-1637
  • Email:

Utility Billing Clerk – William (Bill) Goossens

  • Phone: (708)-485-1639
  • Email:

Customer Service Specialist – Diana Michaels

  • Phone: (708)-485-1638
  • Email: