Village Wins Grant for High Resolution Cameras

In September of 2016 the Community and Economic Development Department (CEDD) brought the Greenest Region Compact 2 (GRC2) to the Village Board for review.  The GRC2 is a regional plan that develops sustainability goals for the region.  There are ten strategic areas of focus: climate, economic development, energy, land, leadership, mobility, municipal operations, sustainable communities, waste and recycling, and water. The Village Board reviewed the goals within the GRC2 and recognized that they would strive to enhance quality of life for residents, protect the environment, and create sustainable economic vitality.  The Village Board voted to unanimously adopt these goals by resolution.

Since then, the CEDD and Police Department have collaborated on a grant application to the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus and ComEd to work towards achieving the goals within the GRC2.  The grant application was successful and secured the funds to purchase and install the high resolution cameras for the Prairie Avenue crossing, 8 Corners, and Ehlert and Kiwanis Parks.  This has been a priority for the Village for years and has recently become financially viable through the grant.  This grant will match a $10,000 investment for an overall project of $20,000.

This is an example of bringing monies to Brookfield through regional involvement, effective planning, and setting ambitious goals for our community.