Village Wins Bike Commuter Challenge for the Second Year in a Row!

Brookfield Community and Economic Development Department won the 2017 Bike Commuter Challenge for the second year in a row! The department, along with a couple Brookfield fire fighters, participated in the challenge June 16 – June 30, 2017, put on by the Active Transportation Alliance. This two-week long biking celebration is held in partnership with the Chicago Bike Week encouraging people to get outside and bike.

The challenge also creates a friendly competition among Chicago workplaces. Workplaces team up and log bike trips as individuals and each participant’s points are then compiled towards the team total. Each workplace is broken into tiers based on the sector and total number of employees, and a winner from each tier is chosen. Brookfield was categorized as a public agency with 5 to 24 employees, and logged 38 trips and 138 miles, for a winning total of 433 points. The Community and Economic Development Department encourages everyone to get their workplace involved next year!

Team members include: Nicholas Greifer, Director of Community and Economic Development; Michelle Robbins, Director of Human Resources; Emily Egan, Village Planner; Mark Pollard, Brookfield Fire Department; Zak Arnish, Brookfield Fire Department; and Kendra Kuehlem, Community and Economic Development Intern.

Post by Kendra Kuehlem, CEDD Intern