Village Streamlines Building Permit Process, Develops Checklists to Assist Homeowners

In August, the Village completed a review of building permits, and has consolidated all building projects into a single permit application.  As a result, there will no longer be 3 forms — one for dumpsters, one for fences and one general purpose building permit form.  Going forward, homeowners can just use the same form for all projects, whether for dumpsters, fences or the many other improvement projects processed by the Village.

Additionally, the Village has developed a series of checklists to ensure homeowners and businesses submit full building permit applications.  One of the major causes of permit delays is when information is missing from the submittal, so the checklist will provide a handy reference when preparing to submit. For more information go to the Community & Economic Development Department page at CEDD (scroll down to the bottom of the page) or the Forms page at Forms.  If you have questions, please contact Nicholas Greifer, Director of Community & Economic Development at