Village Receives Regional Recognition, Asked to Speak at Conferences

Village staff have been asked to present at the Illinois charter of the American Planning Association’s Conference in September.  The topic of the presentation panel is “Navigating Brookfield” and will describe the recent planning and economic development efforts in Brookfield to take the Village on a path towards a more vibrant, diverse, and healthy community.  Specifically, the Village has embarked on two key projects — an Active Transportation Plan and new form-based zoning for the train station areas. These two projects may appear to be separate; one guiding and regulating the buildings, the other planning the right-of-ways, but streets and buildings must work together to form a truly ideal built environment.

Additionally, the Community and Economic Development Director has been selected to speak at the Illinois Tax Increment Association (ITIA) conference this September.  He will be focusing on the economic development impacts of bike infrastructure projects on the region (e.g., increases in property valuations) and the value of other planning initiatives.