Village Completes Parking Study for Downtown and 8 Corners

The Village has completed one of the first steps towards implementing the newly adopted Comprehensive Plan.  The transportation consultants, Kimley-Horn assisted the Village with a parking study of the downtown and 8 Corners neighborhoods.

The Village has a long term goal of doing a Village wide parking study.  The downtown and 8 Corners study represents an accelerated effort focused on completing the study for these key business districts before the summer of 2018.  By doing the work now, the Village can help address emerging issues early as the downtown gets more popular as a dining and recreation destination.  The study had the following key findings:


  • On- and off-street parking spaces are available during peak periods; however, these spaces may not be available in preferred or convenient locations immediately adjacent to a destination. To encourage people to park further from their destination and walk, the overall built environment must be considered.


  • Efficient use of the existing parking supply is limited by low turnover of parking spaces; vehicles consistently occupy spaces beyond the permitted duration. Improving parking space turnover through communication and enforcement will increase opportunities for residents and visitors to Enforcement of parking space turnover also represents a revenue opportunity for the Village.


  • An adequate supply of appropriately located parking is integral to the success of both 8 Corners and Downtown Brookfield. Further analysis is recommended in order to quantify existing parking demand and plan for future (re)development opportunities.


The study will be discussed at the Village Board’s meeting on March 26th, 2018. To read the complete report click the link below.


Parking Assessment for 8 Corners and Downtown Brookfield March 2018