Status Update on Downtown Metra Station Project

The Village has begun major train station improvements being funded by 2 grants from the West Suburban Mass Transit District and Metra (along with a small portion from Village funds).  These improvements (see Exhibits 1, 2 and 3) will not only upgrade the train station area, but also improve pedestrian crossing safety and add streetscape enhancements, e.g., better street “furniture” and trash receptacles.  In terms of project status, the Village’s contractor has commenced surface improvements along the train station grounds and adjacent right-of-way:

  • The Village’s contractor has begun laying pavers at certain locations, including in front of the Brookfield Ale House and other locations where concrete base is already set (refer to photos below)
  • Concrete pavers will be installed shortly thereafter, to be located in the roadways – these are safety and aesthetic upgrades to clearly define pedestrian paths through the rights-of-way
  • The concrete pavers through the roadways will be done in 2 stages (see Exhibits 4 and 5) to minimize traffic impacts
    • Stage 1 will be done over 1-2 weeks, depending on weather
    • Stage will be done afterwards following the same time frame, again depending on weather
    • This work will include removal of asphalt and installation of concrete underlayment and pavers.

We encourage you to support nearby businesses that will be open at their normal schedule.  Notably, The Brookfield Ale House ( ) and Irish Times ( ) will be open over August per their normal schedule and will be offering promotions during the August construction.

Exhibit 1 [click on link]

Exhibit 2



Exhibit 3


Exhibit 4 [click on link]

Exhibit 5 [click on link]