Rodent Update for August

To update last month’s report on rodent control, the Village is continuing to work with the Cook County Public Health Department to track complaints and to reduce property maintenance problems that contribute to the rodent population. Although the Village does not have a formal rodent program, the Village has an active property maintenance program that helps deny a habitat for rodents — by ensuring weeds and excessively long grass are trimmed and garbage bins/private dumpsters are secured. Additionally Village code enforcement staff is tracking and going after illegal storage of wood, another contributor to rodents.

Overall, the Village in the past month from July 15 to August 15 (covering 21 business days) has conducted nearly one inspection per day — 17 inspections performed and 13 Notices of Violation issued. Like other property maintenance violations, the Notices of Violation give homeowners time to come into compliance with tickets, which will be issued in August if corrections are not made.