Response to “An Open Book” Opinion Article in the RB Landmark

The Village of Brookfield appreciates the honest feedback given in the opinion article “An Open Book” published in the January 24th, 2018 Riverside-Brookfield Landmark. It is often difficult to hear negative feedback, but it is one very important way that organizations are held accountable and allowed the opportunity to improve.

First and foremost, the Village of Brookfield is absolutely committed to complete transparency and deeply concerned about residents and the community.

The article referenced a delay in sharing documents.  It is true that there was about an hour delay on releasing documentation.  This delay was to ensure that the most accurate information was provided.  In fact, that same information was made public on the Village of Brookfield’s website before this article was published.  Village staff understand the importance of getting information to the Planning and Zoning Commission before local news outlets.

Regardless of the details on this particular matter, the concerns have been heard and the Village can do better.  Moving forward the “Zoning Modernization” section of the Village’s website will not only be a web-page for facts on the Village Code in the Station Areas, but a section of the website to keep residents informed about projects within the new zoning districts.

Sincerely listening to the feedback from the community, the good and the bad, is the only way that the Village will improve service delivery in a way that is the most beneficial.  We are thankful that the RB Landmark attempts to hold local government accountable, that residents are engaged, and feel comfortable to voice their concern.  We hope that future projects prove the Village’s commitment to transparency and community input.  Please keep an eye on the Village’s website to stay informed and continue the conversation.