Proposed Water Infrastructure Upgrade

The Village’s water system provides potable water to homes and businesses. While the current water system is safe, more than 50% of the water mains are over 100 years old. With the advanced age of the watermains, there is an increased risk that watermains breaks will become more frequent and more severe. To ensure continued safe and efficient delivery of water, a rate adjustment is recommended to help fund the replacement of the water mains. 

Recommended Action:

Replace 100+ year old mains over 50 years for a total cost of $65 million Each year approximately 5 blocks of watermains would be replaced

What Does this Mean for My Bill?

Currently, the average bi-monthly water bill is $90.12. With the proposed increase the average bill would be $106.06 (approx. a $16 increase). Residents that receive a minimum bill currently pay $57.20; with the proposed increase the minimum bill would be $67.32 (approx. a $10 increase).

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