Fire Department Grant Awards

The Village of Brookfield Fire Department was awarded grant money from two grants administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) totaling $857,607.

The first award is the Assistance to Firefighters Grant for $800,000. This grant will help to pay for a new ladder truck with the capability to carry and pump water; replacing a 1991 fire engine and a 2001 ladder truck. The purchase of this new vehicle will help fire operations run even more efficiently by combining the capabilities of the fire engine and ladder truck.

The department was also awarded The Fire Prevention and Safety Grant for $57,607 to help cover the cost of Mobile Data Terminals for each Fire Department vehicle. These terminals will provide all responding personnel with the most up-to-the-minute updates as well as detailed dispatch information while they are en route to emergency responses, access to our records management system, Geographic Information System information, and routing information for responding to out-of-town emergencies. Additionally, personnel will be able to complete fire inspections entirely in the field whenever necessary.

In speaking about the importance of the grants, Fire Chief James Adams stated: “When I was hired as Brookfield’s Fire Chief, my objectives included bringing technology to our department as well as maximizing our service and operations. These grants will not only allow us to provide optimal service to our residents but also help to keep our firefighters safer when we need them the most.”