I have more questions about garbage pickup

A garbage brochure is available with detailed information about garbage collection services.  If you still have further questions, we recommend that you contact Groot at 708-485-0900

One of my garbage cans is damaged/missing!

If you need to have one of your toters replaced, contact the Public Works Department.  Be sure you have identified whether it is the garbage or recycling toter that needs to be replaced.

What does the 2015 home resale inspection ordinance require?

Essentially, the requirement for sellers to obtain a home inspection from the Village is repealed and replaced with a requirement that home buyers obtain a home inspection. The buyer would obtain an inspection from a state-licensed inspector that the buyer chooses (which most buyers do currently).

For more information, please refer to the following linked document:

FAQ – Home Resale Inspection Ordinance

I turned in my renewal but haven’t received my sticker yet!

It does take at least two weeks for your renewal to be processed. If your check has not cleared, that is a sign that your sticker has not been processed yet. The police department will not begin ticketing until all stickers have been issued. If you have not received your sticker after 3-4 weeks, you may wish to contact us to see what date we are currently processing.

What if I didn’t receive a renewal form?

You still have the option to purchase your sticker online by entering your vehicle information. Alternatively, you can bring your vehicle registration and proof of residency to the Village Hall to complete a new sticker application form.

Failure to receive a renewal form does not exempt you from sticker renewal or any late fees

How do I purchase a vehicle sticker?

During renewal season (1st week of May – June 30) stickers are issued by mail – you can mail your application form in the return envelope provided or purchase your sticker online. Please allow 10 business days for processing.

Renewals dropped off at the Village Hall will be periodically delivered to our fulfillment center; please allow up to 4 weeks for processing.

At all other times, stickers can be purchased over the counter. You will need to provide proof of residency and the registration for your vehicle.

Do I need a vehicle sticker?

All vehicles registered in Brookfield require a vehicle sticker. New residents have 30 days to purchase a sticker. When purchasing a new vehicle, you must buy your vehicle sticker within 10 days of purchasing the vehicle – even if you do not have permanent license plates yet. All vehicle stickers expire on June 30 each year.

I am moving out of Brookfield. How do I close my water account?

In order to close your account, it must have a zero balance. Once your account is current you will need to notify the Finance Department of the last day you are responsible for water service at the property and provide us with a forwarding address to issue your final bill.