Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects GIS Map
BF infrastructure project map
The Village of Brookfield has created an online portal where you can get all of the information you need on capital improvement projects begin undertaken by the Village.

You can find information on project scope, schedules, who to contact with any questions or concerns and updates on project progress courtesy of a new dynamic Capital Improvements Project GIS map, which you can reach directly by clicking here.

Lead Service Line Inventory Dashboard

Over the coming several years, the Village of Brookfield will be replacing all of the lead water service lines -- water pipes connecting water mains in the public way to water meters in private properties -- to comply with a law passed by the Illinois General Assembly and which became effective Jan. 1, 2022.

There are about 6,800 water service lines in Brookfield and about one-third of them -- around 2,200 -- are made of lead. Those lead lines will be replaced as part of this capital initiative.

lead service line illustration

The Village, via a water rate increase passed in 2022, is paying the full cost for the replacement of each lead water service line. In 2024, the Village is planning to replace approximately 700 lead water service lines at a cost of roughly $7.5 million.

Brookfield strategically plans to replace all the lead water services with Street Improvement Projects and Water Main Improvement Projects. Village staff and the Village Engineer are developing the long-term Street Improvement Plan. The Village intends to replace lead water services in conjunction with street improvements to prevent disturbing newly constructed streets for water service replacement in the future. Roadways are determined based on the roadway assessment that was performed. Village staff and the Village Engineer will analyze the data and prioritize the streets. Streets may be reprioritized over the next 17 years based on future road condition assessments. 

You can see whether your property is on the list to have its water service line replaced by visiting our Brookfield Lead Service Line Inventory Dashboard.

2024 Lead Water Service Line and Water Main Replacement Projects

Click on the map below for a high-resolution copy showing where water mains and lead water service lines are being replaced in Brookfield in 2024.

2024 Water Main and Lead Water Service Replacement Map
To reach the GIS map for the 2024 Water Main Replacement Project and track its status, click here.
To reach the GIS map for the 2024 Lead Water Service Line Replacement Project and track its status, click here.

2024 Capital Improvement Projects

Burlington Avenue Street and Storm Sewer Improvements Project
The Burlington Avenue Street and Storm Sewer Improvements Project will consist of installing a new storm sewer from Elm Avenue to an outlet in Salt Creek east of Grove. The roadway will be reconstructed and resurfaced on DuBois Boulevard from Ogden Avenue to Burlington Avenue and on Burlington Avenue from DuBois Boulevard to Grove Avenue. Construction is anticipated to start in March 2024 and run through October 2024.

2024 Street Improvements Project 
This project will include pavement widening and resurfacing on the following streets:

  • Fairview Avenue from Maple Avenue to Sunnyside Avenue.
  • Madison Avenue from Washington Avenue to Monroe Avenue.
  • Morton Avenue from Garfield Avenue to 31st Street.
         Scope of Improvements
         The general scope of work on these streets would include:

  • Replacing deteriorated sections of the mainline combined sewer.
  • Repairing or replacing deteriorated drainage structures.
  • Replacing the curb and gutter
  • Fairview Avenue only – widen the street by 3 feet to a total pavement width of 25 feet.
  • Installing ADA-compliant intersections and alley returns.
  • Replacing driveway aprons that are disturbed during construction.
  • Patching failed areas of pavement.
  • Milling and resurfacing of pavement.
  • Restoring disturbed right-of-way areas with sod.

Water Main Improvements Project
The Water Main Improvement Project includes replacing some of the identified Village's most aging water mains and replacing 40 water services that are currently leaking. The following is the water main approved to be reconstructed in winter 2023 and spring 2024.

  1. Install 450 feet of 8-inch water main on DuBois Boulevard (Ogden Avenue to Burlington Avenue). The existing 6-inch water main will be abandoned. 
  2. Install 400 feet of 8-inch water main on Burlington Avenue (DuBois Boulevard to Deyo Avenue). The existing 6-inch water main will be abandoned.
  3. Installation of several water main sections at the Prairie Avenue and Brookfield Avenue intersection.
Upcoming Capital Projects in the Planning Stage

Ogden Avenue Streetscape Improvements

This project is an opportunity to reimagine Ogden Avenue as a multimodal transportation corridor, as a hub for community activity, a gateway to the Village for visitors, and as a catalyst for neighborhood economic development.

The proposed improvement includes the resurfacing of the Ogden Avenue pavement, reconstruction of the sidewalk and streetscape, parking, utility, and ADA improvements throughout the corridor.

View exhibits presented at the March 19 Public Information Meeting by clicking the links below:

Presentation Boards
Existing Traffic Data
Parking Utilization
Pedestrian Safety

You can learn more about the Ogden Avenue Streetscape improvement project and sign up for project updates by visiting the Energize Ogden website.