Tree Planting Program

 All available trees for 2022 have been sold 

The Village periodically offers a 50/50 Tree Planting Program for residents who are interested in having a tree planted in their parkway.  Foresters from the Public Works department will examine your parkway to determine whether there is sufficient space for a tree to be planted, per the Village tree ordinance.  Residents whose parkway can accommodate a new tree and who choose to participate in the program will be responsible for paying their portion before the tree is planted.  Please keep in mind that the number of trees is limited.  Tree species vary by season and nursery availability.  You may submit a request at any time to have Public Works check your property and you will be contacted the next time the program is offered. 

Instructions for Treegator

Tree species offered in Spring 2022:

Purple Princess CrabappleKwanzan Flowering CherryCrimson Sunset MapleTab titleChinkapin Oak
A very prolific bloomer and fast grower, Malus ‘Purple Prince’ is a small, rounded, deciduous tree that is perfect for any garden.  Opening from bright carmine-red buds, masses of fragrant, vibrant rose-red, single flowers appear in mid spring, fading slightly to a pleasing rose

  • Height: 20′
  • Spread: 15′
  • Growth: Fast Medium
  • Habit: Rounded
  • Spring Foliage: Green
  • Fall: Yellow
  • Flower: Red-Purple
  • Fruit: Red Apple
Kwanzan (Japanese) Flowering Cherry is a deciduous flowering tree which has the shape of an inverted cone when it is young, but later develops into a round and spreading fashion when it is older.  Some trees have a flat top when they are very old.  At maturity, this sterile cherry may attain a height of 25′ and a width of 35′.

  • Height: 15′-25′
  • Spread: 15′-20′
  • Growth: Moderate
  • Habit: Vase-shaped
  • Spring Foliage: Dark Green
  • Fall: Bronzy-Orange
  • Flower: Pink/White
  • Fruit: N/A
Crimson Sunset Maple has attractive deep purple foliage throughout the season.  The lobed palmate leaves are highly ornamental and turn outstanding shades of crimson and burgundy in the fall.  Neither the flowers nor the fruit are ornamentally significant.  Crimson Sunset Maple is a deciduous tree with a shapely oval form.

  • Height: 25′-40′
  • Spread: 25′
  • Growth: Medium to fast
  • Habit: Upright Oval
  • Spring Foliage: Deep Purple
  • Fall: Maroon to Reddish Bronze
  • Flower: N/A
  • Fruit: Samara
The US National Arboretum presents Ulmus ‘Frontier’, an elm tree of moderate stature with attractive red fall color.  ‘Frontier’ hybrid elm combines a high level of tolerance to Dutch elm disease, moderate resistance to elm leaf beetle, small leaves, and a lovely red-purple autumn coloration.  It is perfect for use in smaller landscapes, along city streets, and under power lines.  ‘Frontier’ blazes a trail for elms in the urban landscape.

  • Height: 25′-40′
  • Spread: 20′-30′
  • Growth: Slow
  • Habit: Star-shaped
  • Spring Foliage: Dark Green
  • Fall: Red-Purple
  • Flower: N/A
  • Fruit: N/A
Chinkapin oak is a member of the white oak group with chestnut-type leaves.  Unlike most white oaks, chinkapin oak is tolerant of alkaline soil.  Its whitish bark and branch structure create a beautiful silhouette in winter.  In summer, excellent foliage is appreciated for its shade.  In fall, yellow leaves contrast with the nearly white bark.

  • Height: 40′-50′
  • Spread: 40′-50′
  • Growth: Moderate, slow
  • Habit: Pyramidal, round
  • Spring Foliage: Dark Green
  • Fall: Yellow
  • Flower: Orange, Yellow, Green
  • Fruit: Acorn

If you are interested in having one of our Foresters check your property, please provide your address and submit your request below.