Public Works

Public Works:


Phone: 708-485-2540
Fax: 708-485-6575

Hours:  7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., M-F

Service Request Form

Public Works Services

The Public Works Department offers a variety of services and programs to Brookfield residents. We take care of all public property, care for our beautiful trees including all Tree Planting. For answers to your questions about these services, click on FAQs.

Any questions on services from this department should be directed to 708-485-2540 or fill out our Public Works Service Request Form.

Tree City USA Growth Awards

The Tree City USA Growth Award is awarded by the Arbor Day Foundation to recognize higher levels of tree care by participating Tree City USA communities. The Growth Award highlights innovative programs and projects, increased commitment resources for urban forestry, and provides an opportunity to share new ideas and successes across the country. The Village of Brookfield has been a Tree City USA Award recipient since 1981! For more information, please visit

Block Parties

blockpartyThe Village encourages residents to plan Block Parties. It is an excellent way to get to know your neighbors better. To receive approval for a Block Party, a written request should be submitted to the Village. Read the full instructions by clicking the link below.

View Full Instructions

Sidewalk Program

The Village of Brookfield maintains approximately 3,100,000 square feet of sidewalk (equivalent to 116 miles of 5’ wide sidewalk).  We have an annual sidewalk inspection and repair program dedicated to replacing defective sidewalk to minimize trip hazards for our residents at 100% of the Villages cost.

The Village will survey an area of town and replace damaged sections of sidewalk provided that one of the following criteria are met and funding is available:

  • Sidewalk has a vertical mismatch of 1.5” or greater.
  • Sidewalk has major cracks with chunks of loose concrete.
  • More than 50% of the sidewalk surface is chipped or spalled.

Sidewalks with 1.5” vertical mismatch will have priority replacement.

DPW will continue to take sidewalk service requests and the Street Foreman or his designee will determine if the established criteria for replacement is met. If it is determined that any of the criteria is met and the location is in the current survey year, depending on available funding, the sidewalk will be replaced or repaired. If the location is out of the survey year, a temporary repair will be made as necessary and re-evaluated in the survey year it falls in. Any sidewalk requests that do meet the criteria will be available to be replaced by the property owner at 100% of the property owner’s cost, as long as it is in the survey year. The Village would extend the unit contract price received from the contractor performing the annual Sidewalk Replacement Project to the residents and collect the money prior to the work being completed.

If you would like to report a trip hazard, please contact Public Works at 708-485-2540.

Street Light Outages

Street Light outages for poles that belong to Commonwealth Edison (most wooden poles) can be reported by clicking below:

Com Ed street light outage report form

Snow removal

Brookfield snow regulations are in effect from December 1 to March 31 of each year. After a snowfall of 2 inches or more, residents can check the signs on their block to see on what day and which side of the street they should park. To check if 2 inches or more of snow has fallen, dial the Brookfield snow line (708) 387-SNOW. Parking violators are subject to a $50 ticket for each occurrence. Please use your garage or driveway whenever possible.

Parkway Planting

No private planting of trees or shrubs in parkway areas is allowed without a permit. The Village works to maintain an appropriate variety of species, proper distance between trees and ensures that trees are not planted too close to wires or sewer lines.

Lawn Watering

Village ordinance regulates lawn watering between May 15 and September 15. Lawn watering, the filling of swimming pools and watering of new sod is not allowed between the hours of noon and 6 p.m. daily. The watering of lawns is permitted daily during the remaining hours. There are no restrictions for gardens, shrubs or car washing.

Street Cleaning

Street cleaning begins April 1 and ends November 30 of each year. Residents can check the signs on their block to see on what day and which side of the street they should park. Parking violators are subject to a $50 ticket per each occurrence.

Water Consumer Confidence Reports