Real Estate Development

We Make It Easy to Build in Brookfield

Brookfield offers the amenities’ of a big city without the red tape!  The staff is ready to help streamline the permit process and provide the data to support your investment decision.  In the past three years alone we have worked with developers on these commercial projects:

National Chain Retailers

Brookfield has worked with, and continues to work with, national retailers along Ogden Avenue, helping them with land assembly and expediting new construction.

Independent Retailers and Restaurants

The Village has partnered with independent family-owned businesses to redevelop central Brookfield, many of which are within walking distance to our central Metra station.

Fast Casual Restaurants

The Village has collaborated with several businesses (either in a facilitator role or as a co-investor via sales tax sharing) on new construction and renovation projects, including those with a drive-through component that leverages the robust traffic flow along Ogden Avenue.

Key Metrics for Real Estate Professionals

The following are key metrics for real estate professionals considering investment in Brookfield.

DEMOGRAPHIC METRICS Brookfield Cook County Illinois
2013 Population (Estimate) 19,039 5,246,635 12,890,552
2010 Population 18,978 5,194,675 12,830,632
2000 Population 19,085 5,377,175 12,419,231
High School Degree 94% 85% 87%
Homeownership Rate 75% 58% 68%
Poverty Rate 9% 17% 14%
Daily Metra Ridership 952
Metra Stops 3%
AV/Day – Ogden* 25,000-25,100
AV/Day – First Avenue 38,600-41,800
AV/Day – 31st St. 13,100-15,700
AV/Day – Prairie 7,800-10,900
*Average vehicles per day
Source:   IDOT, Metra


Incentives Are Available

The Village of Brookfield is ready to work with business owners and developers who want to invest, and who want to see a competitive return on their investment when they establish a presence in our community.  The Village has the entire portfolio of legal incentives available to local governments in Illinois.  These include:

  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
  • Sales tax rebates
  • Business District (BD) financing
  • Property tax abatement
  • Cook County Class 6(a), 6(b), 7 and 8 incentives