Community and Economic Development

The Village Hall is now OPEN to the public.  We remain committed to the safety and well-being of our residents and staff; therefore, we encourage you to continue utilizing alternate methods listed below when engaging with Village Staff.

Permit submittals:
Permits can be mailed in, dropped in the drop box in the parking lot (white box, WEST side of lot), dropped off at our front desk, or emailed to

Permit Issuance:
Payments can be mailed in, dropped in the drop box in the parking lot (white mailbox, WEST side of lot), or picked up in person.
Once payment is received, we will mail and/or email the permit paperwork to you.
Please indicate if you are unable to print the permit placard and job copies, and we can assist.

The quickest way to reach us is by email:
If the phone is preferred, please call 708-485-7344: Option 3.

General Information:

The Village of Brookfield Community and Economic Development Department is charged with three functions:

  • Business expansion and retention;
  • Building and zoning code enforcement; and
  • Long-term land-use planning.

To that end, it works with the business community to ensure that the business climate remains competitive and (as needed) assists businesses on eligible redevelopment projects.

Building code and zoning review involve ensuring the safe build-out and construction of “compatible uses” throughout the community, as well as ensuring that future development complies with stormwater programs in the Village.

The department issues construction-related permits conducts inspections of all construction projects at specific stages of progress and performs regular property maintenance inspections throughout the Village. The department also conducts resale and business license inspections.

Lastly, the department is involved in long-term land-use plans. This includes a new Comprehensive Plan (available below and at the following link: Comprehensive Plan), park improvement plans, and the Active Transportation Plan.  Additionally, the Zoning Modernization ordinance will assist the Village in implementing goals embodied in these plans.

Department Staff:

George Issakoo – Interim Director of Community & Economic Development

  • Phone: 708-485-1114
  • Email:
  • Contact George to discuss economic development projects (underway or planned for a later date), TIF district financing, or business retention questions. If you are not sure who to contact at the department or need troubleshooting, please contact the Director to facilitate a response.

Kendra Kuehlem – Village Planner

  • Phone: 708-485-1445
  • Email:
  • Contact Kendra with questions related to zoning, signage, future development, business licenses, zoning on a specific property, new construction, and Planning and Zoning Commission projects. Can also assist with zoning code questions about lot coverage, parking, building heights, and setbacks.

Paul Trudeau – Chief Building Inspector

  • Phone: 708-485-1411
  • Email:
  • Contact Paul with building code questions, revisions for current jobs, future projects, and plan review. If you need assistance in interpreting building code provisions (e.g., the 2015 IRC or IBC) he is able to assist you with follow-up questions.

Megan Shilney – Permit Services Coordinator

  • Phone: 708-485-1406
  • Email:
  • Contact Megan regarding building permit applications – either active permits or permit applications prior to submittal. She can address questions about permit cost, application information (including permit checklists and contractor registrations), and inspections. Once a permit is active, Megan is able to provide status updates on the progress of the permit plan review and inspections.

Cari Sheehan, Administrative Assistant

  • Phone: 708-485-7344
  • Contact Cari with questions on the status of submitted permits, submittal requirements, and other department related inquiries.

Contact the Community and Economic Development Department at Village Hall, 8820 Brookfield Avenue, Brookfield, Illinois 60513, or at (708) 485-7344 (dial Option 3).

What Is the Comprehensive Plan?

In 2018, the Village Board of Trustees adopted the Comprehensive Plan.  The Plan is both a visionary document and a practical guide.  The Plan sets a broad vision for a healthier and more resilient community over the long run, laying out long term goals that can sustain the community’s future.  It also serves as a practical road map, since it will guide development in Brookfield for the next ten to twenty years and it covers topics like economic development, land use, sustainability, transportation, community facilities, and more. Click the link below to see the Comprehensive Plan.

Village of Brookfield’s Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan replaces the 2020 Master Plan, which was adopted in 2004.

What Is Zoning?

Zoning is simply the regulation of competing land uses (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). The Village of Brookfield Zoning Ordinance establishes land use classifications and regulates land use, intensity, and “bulk” (building footprint in relation to parcel size) in order to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the community, and to protect neighborhood character and sustainability.

Please select the link below to obtain a copy of the current Village of Brookfield zoning map:

Does the Village Have Other Plans?

Yes!  The Village has other plans that support the Comprehensive Plan and provides more detail on specific topic areas.  The Village has worked hard to lay the foundation for a successful future by developing these plans with experts in various fields and community members.  To learn more about and get involved with each of these plans see the links below.

Additionally, the Zoning Modernization ordinance (click here for more information) advances the goals laid out in the various plans, by establishing requirements for new construction and rehab projects within the 3 Metra station areas.

Documents & Forms

The following checklists are used to ensure a complete building permit application is submitted to the Village to ensure faster processing:

The following guidelines are a reference for use when undertaking a solar energy project (e.g., photovoltaic rooftop project):

The following forms are utilized in connection with Planning and Zoning Commission reviews.