Complete Streets Committee to Initiate Washington Avenue Bike Lane Study

The Village’s interdepartmental “Complete Streets” Committee met earlier in June to review bike and pedestrian improvements contained in the new Active Transportation Plan.  At the meeting, it was determined that there were budgeted funds available (per the 2018 budget approved by the Board of Trustees) for bike striping along Washington Avenue, and that detailed study/programming would be necessary to execute the budgeted plans. Washington Avenue striping has been identified on page 89 of the Active Transportation Plan (see exhibit below) as a priority, based upon (a) the fact that Washington Avenue is currently frequently used by bicyclists, (b) documented safety issues, and (c) public feedback received in the development of the Plan.  Washington Avenue is an east/west connector for 2 Brookfield area schools (RBHS and Hollywood).

The Village will work to determine precise scope of work and then update the Village Board of Trustees prior to contract bid issuance.  For questions regarding the scope of work, please contact Amy Wagner or Nick Greifer for additional details.