Planning, Land-Use, & Zoning

Zoning is the regulation of land uses (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). The Village of Brookfield Zoning Ordinance establishes land use classifications or “zoning districts,” and regulations for those districts in order to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the community, and to protect neighborhood character and sustainability.



What is zoning?

Zoning is the laws that control how land is used and developed in certain areas, or districts, of a specific area like a city or town. A zoning ordinance or code is where are the very specific rules are organized. 


Brookfield Zoning

The Brookfield Zoning Ordinance is Chapter 62 of the Village Municipal Code. As part of the 2017 zoning modernization efforts, a form-based zoning code was developed for areas surrounding the Metra stations and Ogden Avenue. The Station Area Districts Plan is apart of the Zoning Ordinance, but can be downloaded as a separate document. 


Brookfield Properties

Search a Brookfield address using the community portal to figure out what zoning district that property is located in.


Current Zoning Map:

(click image to view PDF document)

Brookfield IL 2021 Zoning Map


Development Applications and Procedures

All applications should be fully completed and submitted at least 17 days before the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. Staff may request earlier submittal to allow ample time for review. 


Special Use Application
Sign Variance Application
Variance Application
Planned Development Application
Text Amendment Application


Committees and Commissions

The Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) is responsible for reviewing proposals regarding property development and holding public hearings on zoning matters. Meeting agendas are posted at least 48 hours in advance of meetings and can be viewed online on the Board & Commission Meetings page.

Recent cases and projects that the PZC and Village Board of Trustees have reviewed can be found on the Development and Zoning Projects Page. Contact department staff with questions related to any project. 


Plans and Policies 

Long-range planning efforts implement the visions and goals of the community through Village-adopted documents and plans. These plans often take several months, or years, to complete making sure there is community outreach and thoughtful recommendations. 


Brookfield Comprehensive Plan

A community-wide plan establishing the vision and goals for the future. Replaces the 2020 Master Plan completed in 2004.
See Frequently Asked Questions about the Comp Plan for more info
Subarea Design Manual

Builds on the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan, focusing on 4 core areas within the Village: Downtown, 8 Corners, Ogden, and 31st Street
Station Area District Form-Based Zoning Code 

As a result of Village zoning modernization efforts, form-based zoning regulations were established for areas around the Metra stations and along Ogden Avenue
Parking Study
Assessment of available parking for Downtown and 8 Corners
Dog Park Exploratory Report

Intern project exploring the feasibility and interest of a dog park in Brookfield
Open Space Plan
Helps identify and guide development near/around and protection of open lands
Active Transportation Plan
A plan for prioritizing infrastructure improvements and multiple modes of transportation
Park Design Guidelines
Standards for park design that establishes consistency across the Village
Ogden Avenue Corridor Plan

Plan is currently being developed. Public input is welcome and strongly encouraged! Visit for more information about the project.
Plan will assess current conditions of the Ogden Avenue corridor, design a community-supported vision for the future of the corridor, and define recommendations and implementation steps to enhance corridor.



Other Long-Range Plans

Additional long-range plans that affect the Village of Brookfield

Climate Action Plan for the Chicago Region
(MMC & NOAA, 2021)

One of the first regional climate plans in the United States identifying goals for the future of the region, how to get there, and why it is important. 
On To 2050 Chicago Regional Comprehensive Plan
(CMAP, 2019)

CMAP On To 2050 Chicago Regional Comprehensive Plan

A plan for the Chicago region establishing the vision and goals for the future, and how to get there. Replaces the Go To 2040 regional plan form 2010.
Cook County Sustainability & Climate Resiliency Plan (Forest Preserves of Cook County, 2018)

Plan identifying how to reduce the Forest Preserves’ greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050
Cook County Long-Range Transportation Plan
(Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways, 2016)
A plan for prioritizing infrastructure improvements and multiple modes of transportation throughout Cook County
Cook County Trail Master Plan
(Forest Preserves of Cook County, 2014)
This plan will recommend new policies for managing trails, create a process for assessing requests to improve unrecognized trails and prioritize future capital improvement projects to enhance the system
Lower Salt Creek Watershed Plan
(CMAP, 2018)
Recommendations to restore and protect the water quality of Salt Creek and its tributaries that ultimately drain to the Des Plaines River
Cook County Stormwater Management Plan
(MWRD, 2014)
An organizational plan for the overall framework for the countywide stormwater management program