Starting or Expanding a Business

Welcome to Brookfield! We want to help you become as successful as possible. This section provides everything you need to start or expand your business.

A Business Owner Needs:

  • A Business License to operate (Business establishments serving alcohol or operating gambling (gaming) must contact the Village Manager’s office for special handling)
    • A Building Permit is NOT required…
      • If you are simply renewing your business license
      • If you are taking over an existing space that is zoned for your type of business (i.e., your “use” is permitted per the Zoning Code)
    • A Building Permit is required if the building is
      • Expanded
      • Improved
      • Newly constructed

What Is Needed to Obtain a Business License?

  • Submit a business license application (click here for the form: Business License Application) and payment
    • Building safety inspection needed for new businesses
    • License valid for one year

Site Selection

When you are starting to consider sites, we can help.  We often know about individual sites and the history associated with the sites.  We can also coach you through the process of building permit reviews and site analysis.  For each site, we can tell you about taxes, past code violations, traffic data, past tenants/past uses, zoning and other factors.


If you have questions about business licenses, contact Megan Shilney, or call her at 708 485-1406.

Another great resource is the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce