Community Development Department


Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and a clear, logical process for getting your permits and licenses. Our well-trained, knowledgeable staff will listen to your concerns and point you in the right direction.  We strive to be a responsive team, not a bureaucracy, and provide a predictable process.  


The Village of Brookfield Community Development Department is charged with four main functions. Find more information about each function and helpful information below. 


Building & Permitting

Issues construction-related permits and conducts inspections of all construction projects at specific stages of progress to ensure the safe build-out and construction throughout the community. Also conducts resale and business license inspections.

Code Enforcement & Property Maintenance

The Village of Brookfield is dedicated to property maintenance issues and regularly conducts property maintenance inspections to protect the health, safety, and appearance of the property as well as nearby areas


Planning, Land-use, & Zoning

Ensuring land-uses are compatible with and development follows zoning regulations and complies with stormwater programs in the Village. Long-range planning efforts implement the visions and goals of the community through Village-adopted documents and plans. 


Economic Development & Business Retention

Works with the business community to ensure that the business climate remains competitive and (as needed) assists businesses on eligible redevelopment projects


Frequently Asked Questions

Visit this page for answers to questions like “does the Village have a copy of my property play of survey?” and “when do I need a building permit?”



The quickest way to reach us is by email: If the phone is preferred, please call 708-485-7344, Option 3 and leave a detailed message.