Community Calendar

Note: The following community calendar is maintained by the Village of Brookfield. The goal of the community calendar are to:

  • Promote cultural offerings to Brookfield residents;
  • Offer healthy, safe recreation and volunteer options that brings the community together;
  • Promote tourism that brings visitors to Brookfield; and
  • Raise awareness of our outdoor/indoor recreational opportunities.

Questions or comments regarding the calendar can be addressed to Nick Greifer at, and is subject to follow-up review by the Managers Office.


  • The scope of the listings are for recreation, historical learning, charitable causes, or events that bring the community together
  • Events to advance a political party or political ideology are outside the scope of this calendar
  • Events to promote an individual business are generally outside the scope
  • Training or seminars or courses are listed in other publications such as the Parks & Recreation Guide
  • Events listed above are typically one-day, limited hour events
  • For real-time calendar updates go to the Village and Chamber website and allied Facebook pages