Brookfield Hosts Metropolitan Mayors Caucus

The Village of Brookfield welcomed nearly 50 attendees from the greater Chicago area attending the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus forum on franchise agreements.  The Mayors Caucus Environment Committee discussed how ComEd franchise agreements can be improved via changes to the agreements to incentivize energy efficiency and solar energy projects.  Currently many municipalities (including Brookfield) per the franchise agreements receive free electricity for a portion of their consolidated electric bill.  The guest speakers informed attendees an alternative would be to receive a monetary payment instead of electricity – which would give municipalities incentive to pursue energy savings measure such as LED lighting or solar, as it would translate into a lower municipal electric bill.

The Village thanks the presenters for today’s session, including Village Trustee Nicole Gilhooley, Park Forest Mayor John Ostenburg (committee chair), Mark Pruitt of The Power Bureau, and Edith Makra of the Mayors Caucus.  See Exhibit 1 and 2 below.

For more information about the session please contact Emily Egan or Nicholas Greifer.  Ms. Egan is a member of the Mayors Caucus Environment Committee.


Exhibit 1 – Mark Pruitt


Exhibit 2 – Trustee Nicole Gilhooley and Edith Makra