Brookfield Home to 2 New Multi-Family Developments

Village officials including President Kit Ketchmark and Trustee Brian Conroy today gave a warm welcome to 2 new multi-family developments in Brookfield.  The first is 4531 Forest Avenue, which is the location of a 6-unit upscale, high-tech apartment building featuring all the technology “must-haves” of a contemporary building (Wifi, Bluetooth, Alexa, 5.1 sounds system, etc.).  DT Group developed the building, just received its certificate of occupancy, and has begun leasing.

The second building will be home to another 6-unit apartment, on the edge of the downtown at 8917 Grant.  The developer, Michael Gatto, participated in a groundbreaking ceremony with Village officials. With the foundation already in place, the building is expected to be constructed over the remainder of the calendar year.  This will also be the first structure to be built pursuant to the new Zoning Modernization standards.

If you have questions, please contact Nicholas Greifer at 708-485-1113.