Bowling Alley Demo to Start March 18

The Village will begin the bowling alley demolition in earnest on March 18.  The demo is scheduled to be completed over an 11 day period ending on March 29.  Clean-up work will take place in April.

Prior to the actual demolition, the Village’s demo contractors will be performing asbestos remediation in preparation for the demolition work.  Notices will be provided to adjacent businesses approximately 7 days prior to the March 18 kick-off.

The demo is an integral part of the Village’s 8 Corners TIF Redevelopment Plan and furthers the new Comprehensive Plan goals as well.  (See page 159 of the Plan, which references the goal of higher density, multi-story buildings in 8 Corners: Village of Brookfield’s Comprehensive Plan ).

If you have questions, please contact Nick Greifer at 708-485-1113.