Bike Brookfield: Bigger, Better Bike Route Unveiled

The Village of Brookfield”s Bike Brookfield event is growing!  Last year’s 5K is now a 10K ride and there will be a lot more to like.  In addition to a scenic, police-escorted ride down Grand Boulevard and through the 8 Corners shopping district, the ride will showcase the Salt Creek Trail.  For the many out of towners new to Brookfield, the route will help them learn how to connect from central Brookfield (and the nearby Zoo) to the beautiful Salt Creek Trail system — good to know, not only for May 20 but for future rides as well.

Coincidentally, the new route overlaps with a route featured in a recent book entitled:  “Best Bike Rides Chicago – The Greatest Recreational Rides in the Metro Area.”  It is listed as route #5 among the top rides in northeastern Illinois.

Please refer to the map link below to see exactly what we are talking about!  Village officials look forward to seeing you soon!

2017 Bike Brookfield Route Map

The map and information included in the attachment above includes updated sponsor information.  The Village apologizes for any mistakes in the previous credits to our generous sponsors and supporters.