6th Grader Wins Brookfield 125th Anniversary Essay Contest

As part of Brookfield’s 125th anniversary celebration, the Village announced the winner of an essay contest about Brookfield and the community’s enduring strengths.  The winner was Kathryn Chicoine, a 6th grader, who wrote about the unique aspects of Brookfield and “Why I love Brookfield.”  The essay can be downloaded – take a look here.

Mary Vyskocil and the Parks and Recreation Department invited all Brookfield schools servicing grades 6th-8th to participate in an essay contest focusing on the theme, “Why I love Brookfield.”  Entry essayists were instructed to describe 3 reasons why they loved Brookfield and one thing they would change about our community if they could. As you can imagine, we received very thoughtful, fun and insightful essays.  One essay in particular stood out above the rest. Between the Parks and Recreation and Special Events Committees, Kathryn Chicoine’s essay received the majority of votes for the top essay chosen.

Highlighted in her essay are her 3 reasons why she loves Brookfield:

  • The community — a safe, close knit community, featuring fun events like Monsters on Main Street & our beautiful parks
  • The food options — especially “Loca Mocha’s lavender hot chocolate, Paisan’s Caesar Salad and Zoo City Treat’s ice cream”
  • The Farmer’s Market — specifically, the fresh fruit and veggies that arrive fresh from the farms in the downstate Illinois and nearby towns.

The Village appreciates all of the great thought and effort that went into the essays and thanks the middle schoolers for participating!