Community and Economic Development

General Information:

The Village of Brookfield Community and Economic Development Department is charged with three functions:

  • business expansion and retention;
  • building and zoning code enforcement; and
  • long-term land use planning.

To that end, it works with the business community to ensure that the business climate remains competitive and (as needed) assists businesses on eligible redevelopment projects.

Building code and zoning review involves ensuring the safe build-out and construction of “compatible uses” throughout the community, as well as ensuring that future development complies with storm water programs in the Village.

The department issues construction related permits, conducts inspections of all construction projects at specific stages of progress, and performs regular property maintenance inspections throughout the Village. The department also conducts resale and business license inspections.

Lastly, the department is involved in long-term land use plans. Going forward, it is working on a brand new Comprehensive Plan, park improvement plans, and zoning, which is zoning designed to leverage the Village’s 3 Metra stations on the BNSF train line.

Department Staff:

  • Nicholas Greifer, Director of Community & Economic Development
  • Emily A. Egan, AICP, Village Planner
  • Paul Trudeau, Chief Building Inspector
  • Rob Berns, Property Maintenance & Building Inspector
  • Scott Bernacki, Permit Services Coordinator

Contact the Community and Economic Development Department at Village Hall, 8820 Brookfield Avenue, Brookfield, Illinois 60513, or at (708) 485-7344 (dial Option 3).

What Is Zoning?

Zoning is simply the regulation of competing land uses (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). The Village of Brookfield Zoning Ordinance establishes land use classifications and regulates land use, intensity, and “bulk” (building footprint in relation to parcel size) in order to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the community, and to protect neighborhood character and sustainability.

Please select the link below to obtain a copy of the current Village of Brookfield zoning map:

What Is the 2020 Master Plan?

The 2020 Master Plan, adopted in 2004, is a document that serves as a guide for redevelopment in commercial areas throughout the Village.  As a guide the 2020 Master Plan is not a detailed blueprint, but a flexible tool, that the Village utilizes to outline the Village’s community and economic development goals, prioritize community and economic development initiatives, and explore various development opportunities. The Village is embarking on a new Comprehensive Plan that will eventually update and replace the 2020 Master Plan.

Does the Village Have Other Plans?

Yes!  The Village has other Plans that support the Comprehensive Plan and provide more detail on specific topic areas.  The Village has worked hard to lay the foundation for a successful future by developing these plans with experts in various fields and community members.  To learn more about and get involved with each of these plans see the links below.

Documents & Forms

The following checklists are used to ensure a complete building permit application is submitted to the Village to ensure faster processing:

The following guidelines are a reference for use when undertaking a solar energy project (e.g., photo-voltaic rooftop project):

The following forms are utilized in connection with Planning and Zoning Commission reviews.