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When do I get my utility bill?

Utility bills are issued every three months. Items on the bill include water, sewer, and garbage fees.

How is my water bill determined?

Useage for your water bill is generated by the readings on your meter. For a single family home, the first 748 gallons (and for each additional 748 gallons) the charge shall be $6.96. The minimum charge for water service in this class shall be $69.60 per quarter. (Ordinance 2014-07)

How is my sewer bill determined?

Your Sewer Bill is 27.1% of your water charges with a minimum of $18.87 per quarter.

How is my garbage bill determined?

Your Garbage bill is based on the annual fee charged to the Village by Groot per the garbage contract.

When can I fill my pool and water my lawn?

Village ordinance regulates lawn watering between May 15 and September 15. Lawn watering, the filling of swimming pools, and watering of new sod is not allowed between the hours of noon and 6 p.m. daily. The watering of lawns is permitted daily during the remaining hours. There are no restrictions for gardens, shrubs or car washing.

What do I do with leaves and other yard waste?

Residents are requested to take advantage of the no-tag yardwaste program for one and two family dwellings. Just as for vines, brush and grass clippings, leaves can be placed either in paper bags or in properly marked yardwaste containers and will be picked up by refuse hauler during garbage collection days.

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