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What is CodeRED?

The CodeRED system allows you to receive telephone notification of severe weather warnings, tornadoes, flash floods or other warnings issued by local authorities. It is free to homes, businesses and individuals.

Can I register my cell phone?

You can register any landline or cell phone with an address. However, a single phone number can only be registered to one address, while one address may have mulitple phones registered to it.

Can I get text messages as well?

Yes, when listed as a cellular phone, with carrier information. However, charges may apply to you according to your individual wireless plan. Ensure you check/uncheck the appropriate box in registration.

Does CodeRED work with TDD/TTY?

Yes, however, the phone must be appropriately marked as TDD/TTY during registration.

Am I automatically registered in the database for Weather Warnings?

No. The Weather Warning function of CodeRED is an "opt in" only service. You must visit click on the CodeRED logo on the right hand side of the page to enter your contact information and agree to the terms and conditions. Then select the type of weather warnings you would like to receive. If you are unsure if you are registered, you should just resubmit your information. Previously entered information for that phone number will be replaced with the new update.

I tried to register, but the browser didn't seem to work right.

CodeRED recommends that you register using Internet Explorer instead of other browsers for full functionality.

Why did CodeRED call me several times?

If there is no answer and you do not have an answering device, the number will be attempted up to 3 times.

It called me but no message played.

If you answer and do not say anything, CodeRED will not begin playing automatically. It is trying to determine if it has reached a live person or an answering device. If you do not say anything, it will hang up and retry the number in the next pass of the non connected numbers.

Why did it leave only part of the message on my answering machine?

CodeRED will leave a message on an answering device. There are many different brands and types of capturing devices for leaving a message. Occasionally something about the answering device or the beep of the device causes the system to think it has reached a live person and begins playing the message. When the message is left, it only leaves part of the message. You can call back at 866-419-5000 and receive the entire message.

What if I could not clearly hear the message the first time?

You can call CodeRED back for the most recent alert. Simply check your caller ID for the number. Otherwise, for the last Weather Warning, call 800-566-9780. If it was a CodeRED message issued by local authorities for some other reason, call 866-419-5000.

Why does my phone ring once and hang up? It has called me twice and won't let me answer it.

If you have a ring back tone, which plays a song instead of ringing, the system will interpret this as an Operator Intercept and hang up, only to retry the number. You have two options. You can remove the ring back tone or you can contact your cell phone provider and request that the phone numbers 866-419-5000 and 800-566-9780 for CodeRED be bypassed by this feature.

Can I register addresses outside of Cook County with your database?

No. For an address outside of Cook County, you must contact that county's emergency manager and inquire about details of any such system for that county.

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