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This 2020 Master Plan for the Village of Brookfield, Illinois, sets forth long-range recommendations for future growth and development, as well as the maintenance and enhancement of the existing image and character of the community.

This Final Plan Report summarizes the results of a 16-month planning program in Brookfield, and incorporates much of the material included in previous interim reports and memoranda prepared during the course of the study such as the Phase I Synthesis Report, Preliminary Plans Report, and Corridor Plans Report.


This 2020 Master Plan is Brookfield's official policy guide for physical improvement and development. It considers not only the immediate needs and concerns of the community, but also project improvement and development 5 to 15 years in the future.

Used to its potential, this Plan can help preserve and protect important existing features and resources, coordinate new growth and development, and establish a strong and positive community image and identity.

This Plan is comprehensive in both scope and coverage. It encompasses the use of land; the movement of vehicles and pedestrians; the provision and enhancement of community facilities including parks, schools, and other public facilities. It addresses residential areas, commercial and business development, including Metra stations, heavily trafficked corridors, and pedestrian oriented shopping areas, public and institutional lands, and the public rights-of-way.

This Plan establishes the "ground rules" for private improvement, development and redevelopment within the Village of Brookfield. It provides guidelines by which the Plan Commission and Village Board can review and evaluate private development proposals. The Plan also provides a guide for public improvements, and can help to ensure that local dollars are spent wisely and in a cost effective manner.

The 2020 Master Plan provides a basis for zoning, subdivision regulations, and capital improvement plans, all of which should be used to implement planning policies and recommendations.

Finally, the 2020 Master Plan can serve as an important marketing tool to promote Brookfield's unique assets and advantages, and it can spur redevelopment and reuse of underutilized sites and be used to help attract new families and desirable new development to the community.


The Brookfield planning process has incorporated a six-step work program that has entailed the following:

  1. Analyzing existing conditions,
  2. Identifying issues and concerns,
  3. Formulating a clear vision for the future,
  4. Establishing goals and objectives,
  5. Developing and evaluating alternative plans and policies, and
  6. Preparing final 2020 Master Plan recommendations.

The process has been designed to produce a Master Plan that will assist the Village in maintaining and improving upon the many positive attributes of the community, while identifying approaches and resources to meet community needs and concerns.


This Final 2020 Master Plan is organized into the following sections:

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