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The entire 2020 Master Plan can be downloaded by using the link at the bottom of this page. That file is large and will take a while to download. The entire 2020 Master Plan has been broken down by section and the majority of the text can be read online.


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Planning Advisory Committee

Matt Sinde, Chairman

Bill Reynolds, RTA
Lynnette Ciavarella, Metra
Leondria Blackman, Pace
Gail Mikenas, Brookfield Zoo

Alice Clark Thode
Edward Berman, Fire Captain
Arthur Kuncl, Police Chief
Jane Harps
Bernie Hletko
Jeff Swano, Conservation Commission
Bill Brandt, Village Staff
Joe Stejskal, Historical Commission
Charles J. Grund, Len Benbenek
Charles LaGreco, Fire Chief
Linda Stevanovich, Trustee
Chris Straka, Marty Serwinski
Craig Goldwyn
Ruth Ann Blyth, Village Staff
David Owen, Village Manager
Tom Nowicki, Trustee
Derek Treichel, Village Engineer

Project Director

John Houseal, URS•TPAP

Project Team

URS•TPAP Corporation
Farr Associates
Vlecides Schroeder Associates, Inc.

A special thank you goes to everyone who participated in the planning process for the Village of BrookfieldÕs 2020 Master Plan. This Master Plan was made possible by the contributions and insights of the residents, business persons, property owners, and representatives from various groups and organizations.

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